Things We’d Never Sing, But Often Say

Things We’d Never Sing, But Often Say


Neal Pollard

“I Don’t Like Thy Kingdom Lord…”

What are we saying to our spouse, children, and other bystanders when we get into the habit of criticizing the worship, leadership, and fellow Christians? We’re ready to talk about all that’s wrong with our congregation and all we wished was better. What is a witness to our frustrations to think?

“I’m Not Part Of The Family…”

Cliques are abysmal things and none of us should be exclusive. But, sometimes, we contribute to the problem through misperception and assumption. Beware statements about the church that refer to her as “them” and “they” (or, “those people”) instead of “we,” “us,” and “me.” Such detachment and aloofness is spiritually dangerous, and it lets us off the hook regarding the responsibility we have within the family.

“Cursed Be The Tie That Binds…”

“After all, nobody calls me or comes by to visit me. Brother/Sister So N So hurt my feelings, ignored me, was rude to me, etc. They’ve broken my trust. They’re really mostly hypocrites.” I know it seems harsh to read those things in print, but how often have they been said? Matthew 25:31-46 reveals our responsibility to minister to each other and any others we can. Jesus’ words should convict all of us. We also have guidelines for how we treat one another, but also for how we resolve those matters. If we’ve lost sight of the blessings of “the fellowship of kindred minds…like to that above,” we must start by looking within.

We could add “We Are Not One In The Spirit,” “Angry Words, Oh Let Them Ever, From The Tongue Unbridled Slip,” “I Don’t Love You With The Love Of The Lord,” or “A Common Indifference,” but none of them are part of a spiritual hit parade. If we’ll stop and think about our words and attitudes, that people are listening to what we say and watching what we convey, it might align our words with beautiful songs like these. The Lord’s church should be prized above our highest joy. It is filled with imperfect people, but they are our people. More importantly, they are God’s people. May we always remember that, even when our guard and our hair is down!

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