Mother Is Love

Mother Is Love

Neal Pollard

M-orning drill sergeant, man she’d make me make my bed,
O-lder, wiser, openly affectionate, “omnisciently” in my head,
T-elling me to think it through, truthtful, teaser, teacher,
H-elper, servant-hearted, holy, heartfelt, and heart-reacher
E-ncourager, exhorter, edifier, educator,
R-ighteous, religious, reverent, but a most robust debater
I-ntuitive, inspiring, introverted, informal, never indiscreet,
S-pell-checker, spanker, strong, but sensitive and sweet,
L-east complaining, longest suffering, and always last to eat
O-vercoming, overlooking, “objective,” almost always on her feet.
V-ery everything she should be, virtually none of what she shouldn’t,
E-ven if I could’ve traded, everyone knows entirely I wouldn’t.

My mother right before she became a wife (photo in 1962)

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