If Today Was My Last Day On Earth (Poem)

If Today Was My Last Day On Earth (Poem)

Neal Pollard

[NEAL’S NOTE: This poem was from the conclusion to the sermon I preached on this subject from Psalm 90]

If today was my last day and tomorrow found me gone
How would life be different, if that unknown somehow was known

Would I be a better person, would I live a better life
How much would I feed resentment, envy, bitterness and strife?

How would I choose to live, and what would be my emphasis
Being a blessing or a burden, full of service or selfishness?

Where would God be in my life, what place would He occupy,
If today was my last day, and before tomorrow I would die.

If today was my last day, and second chances all were through
And I stood before my judge and my eternal fate I knew

I would mourn and fall before Him, if I had not done what’s right
If I had chosen self and sin, if I had chosen eternal night.

But there’s no reason for apprehension, I can die w/head held high
If I die to self & live to Him, it won’t matter when I die.

6 thoughts on “If Today Was My Last Day On Earth (Poem)

      1. I am so glad that you and Dale were able to get together for the game and the couple of days you had together! Talk about everything falling into place…wow!
        Our plans were unavoidably changed last minute.
        I’m not so sure about me and Wes being mentioned together, sorta makes me look bad. 😎
        Just kidding…elder/preacher jokes you know.
        Dale is a good man.

      2. Yes sir. It was hard to believe how well things came together, but I’m so grateful. I consider your elder-preacher remark mild compared to what I get from my elders. 🙂 Thank you for all the encouragement you’re giving Dale and the way you’re helping him grow and develop. He loves Forrest Park and says working with the elders there is the single biggest highlight so far. You are obviously special men.

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