Walking With Confidence

Walking With Confidence

Neal Pollard

I want to serve and follow Him
But I’ll stumble on the way
When I’m weary or the way seems dim
I’ll revive when I hear Him say:

“I am the way, just trust me brother,
The Father’s house is ahead.
Stay on this path, don’t seek another,
This is the path all the faithful tread.

I am the truth, ignore other voices,
They’ll invite you onto a deadly detour,
What looks like easier, better choices
Is destructive, let me assure!

I am the life, which you so yearn
Down a road surrounded by death
That leads to a House the holy discern
Follow me ’til your dying breath!”

I take those words in John fourteen
As if spoken from Him to me
Because such they are, as in that scene
To disciples He gives security.

Those men He walked with were faced
With a grim thought of His leaving
His truth they’d learned, His steps traced
His life they longingly were receiving.

Like them, I long to see the Lord
The map He’s made sure I can read
His way embrace, His truth adored
From His life I’ll joyously feed.


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