Thankful For This Day Through The Years

Thankful For This Day Through The Years


Neal Pollard

Upon The Hearth In My Parents’ House
Sat A White Haired Grandmother Figurine
Her Bespectacled Face, Her Checkered Blouse
Accented The Festive Holiday Scene

Nearby In The Kitchen, The Women And Girls
Worked With Busy Hands And Easy Chatter
By Their Handiwork, An Incredible Aroma Swirls
As They Finished Each Dish And Platter

At Various Tables You’d See Young And Old
Thankful To Be There And Ready To Eat
Then Every Eye Would Close, Our Hands Would Fold
As Dad Prayed For The Occupant Of Each Seat.

Stories Would Be Told, Much Laughter And Talking
And We Lingered Long After The Meal
When Dishes Were Cleaned, You’d Find Us All Walking
While Some Of The Party A Short Nap Would Steal

Yes, There Was Football, On TV And In The Yard
Or We’d Tramp In The Woods Or Go Hiking
Board Games Were Played, Competitors Sparred
And The Laughter And Loud Talking To Our Liking

But The Evening Was Reserved For The Highlight
Looking Back, The Most Meaningful Hours
Songbooks In Hand, Our Voices Filled The Night
With Robust Singing, Happy Faces Were Ours

Interspersed With Great Stories Or Ancient Recollections
We Sang Until Our Voices Were Hoarse
Then One Of The Men, A Heart Full Of Reflections
Would Lead Us In Prayer In Due Course

I Think Back To Those Decades Behind Me
Astonished At How Many Have Made The Transition
Yet Let Those Fond Years Remind Me
Of My Rich Heritage And Favored Position

Today As You Gather With Loved Ones And Friends
And Work, Play And Eat With Each Other
Savor Each Person, Each Moment Until The Day Ends
Store Up Memories As You Cherish One Another


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