Neal Pollard
We have been blessed to stay with Jared, Rachel, Brennan, and Tate Kyle during some of our time in New Zealand. Kathy spoke to the ladies of The north island on the subject of her book, Return To Me: What To Do When Loved Ones Fall Away. Sunday, we worshipped where the Kyles attend. Jared, a 2011 Bear Valley graduate, made a profound observation. Those in New Zealand, just across the international date line, are the first to worship God each week! I am not sure I ever thought about the anticipation of heaven as the Lord’s Day dawned each week. This brings to mind a perspective we may not dwell upon enough. We know God is the object of our worship and while it is impossible to comprehend how our infinite Creator views us and what we do, it does make us think about what we bring Him. Do those who are first to worship disappoint or thrill Him? Of course, when you take in all those who refuse to come before Him and those who fail to bring Him what He wants the way He wants it, there is an abundance of heartbreak and disapproval as He sits on the throne. But when it comes to all who bring worship in accordance with His instructions, how does He feel if we come minus a heart full of enthusiasm, passion, and concentration?
Only one small portion of the world can be first to worship God each Sunday. Denver is 18 hours behind Palmerston North (“Palmy”). For a God not bound by time, I suppose that is more of an earthly fascination than a heavenly notation. Wherever we are on the world clock, shouldn’t we give thought to how our worship takes its place among all the other worship His saints give Him each week and do all we can to give Him our best and pour out hearts full of reverence and praise. It impacted me to think of being among the first to bring worship to Him this week. I pray I will maintain a growing desire to bring my best each week I am privileged to come before the Great I Am! What about you?

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