Tipping The Train Off Of A Trapped Man


Neal Pollard

Yesterday, a man slipped trying to board a subway train in Perth, Australia.  Closed-circuit footage shows him wedged up to his thigh as the train was filling with commuters.  First, a fellow-commuter beckons to the Transit Authority workers to stop the train from leaving.  Then, incredibly, dozens of commuters come together and tip the train over enough for the man to be freed.  The unnamed man was apparently unharmed and able to catch the next train, undoubtedly more cautious about where and how he stepped (AP story via USA Today, 8/6/14).

The story has rightly been called “heartwarming.”  It shows the compassion and empathy people can naturally and easily demonstrate. It also shows the power of people united for a common cause.  Doesn’t it also show the importance of each individual, doing his or her part, to effectively help?

The church is certainly made up of people with varying degrees and kinds of talents.  Some may be more visible and audible than others, but no one is unimportant.  My experience is that God’s people have an inclination to help and serve and often are just looking for a way to be involved.  Together, we can accomplish great good for the growth and strength of the kingdom.  Not one person is unimportant.

How many people are needed to reach a soul?  Paul writes that he planted and Apollos watered (1 Co. 3:6).  Think about it.  If a person visits our assemblies, one may greet them in the parking lot and another at the door.  One may help them find a seat and several more may greet them and converse with them.  Another may invite them to lunch.  Yet another may eventually ask them to study the Bible.  Another may conduct the study and still another baptize them.  Others may invite them into their home and conduct follow up studies.  There may be those who find where they can be involved and put them to work.  Eventually, that one dies in a saved condition.  Who was responsible for that?

How beautiful to think that God sees each of us as a vital cog in His eternal plan of salvation!  He had the church in His mind as part of His eternal purpose (Eph. 3:9-11).  No one can do everything, but each of us can do something.  Let us find out where we fit in and then start “pushing”!

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preacher, Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky

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