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"Let No One Look Down"

Imagine you’re on a boat with a friend whenwels_catfish_by_andreyskull-d65cvhr suddenly a storm is upon you. The waves are higher than buildings and rain is crashing down with tremendous force! You call on your Bible knowledge and decide to cast lots as to who must be thrown into the sea! The lot lands on you (if that’s how it works). You are about to be thrown overboard! As you land in the icy water with waves crashing all around you, you see something. A large fish breaks the surface of the water! It’s mouth is open like a living cave. You’re swallowed alive.

What would you be thinking in a situation like that? Would you see that fish and think, “Hurray I’m saved!” I don’t think any sane person would. The Bible doesn’t give any details as to what Jonah’s face looked like, but It’s pretty easy to envision. The fish…

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By preacherpollard

preacher, Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Neil, Dale is developing in a fine writer and young man. You and Kathy have done an excellent job raising him and the other boys. I would say that he is following in you foot steps but he seems to be doing a great job standing on his own two feet. Although it is a good reflection on you and Kathy that you have put in the time and energy to lead him in the path that the Lord would have him to go. Ken

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