FRIDAY SERMON STARTER: Sergius Versus Elymas

Neal Pollard

Sergius Paulus Versus Elymas Bar-Jesus


A. Text: Acts 13:7-12

B. Background:  Sergius was the proconsul (governor appointed by Roman senate), but Elymas was a sorcerer & false prophet–there are several contrasts like this between individuals and groups of people in Acts 13-14 (see context)




II. SERGIUS WAS INTERESTED (Sought To Hear The Word Of The Lord), BUT ELYMAS WAS INSINCERE (Full Of Fraud And Deceit)

III. SERGIUS WAS IMPRESSED (With The Teaching Of The Lord), BUT ELYMAS WAS INFLEXIBLE (See Paul’s Unflattering Description, 10)


A. In the end, Sergius received spiritual sight while Elymas was physically blinded. 

    1. So far as scripture reveals it, that’s how it ends.

B.  What about us? In what category am I? Am I like Sergius Paulus, smart enough to seek the Lord, believe, and be astonished at the teaching of the Lord? Or like Elymas, opposing the truth, seeking to turn away others, a son of the devil, enemy of righteousness, etc.?  My choices determine my character.


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