Neal Pollard

Unsettling things in our present,

Unnerving each future concern,

Unknown, frightening and unpleasant

Unrelentingly the threats roil and churn.

Beset by such daunting, dark specters,

We can turn loose our grip and lose heart

Blinded by the world’s dark defectors

We can let its power tear us apart

Yet, in the midst of the raging upheaval

We can anchor ourselves and in safety abide

And even find calm amidst the evil

With Jesus there close by our side.

Remembering His words gently uttered

When preparing to leave His dear own

“My peace,” what a mess that uncluttered

“I give”–no better gift has been known!

“Unto you.” The intimacy is redoubled

It’s not peace that the world can deliver

No heart claiming it can be troubled

No heart can remain in its cold shiver

So look out at the world’s mass confusion

Let the houses built on sand fail and crumble

Take what’s real and reject the illusion

Grasp His peace and your house will not stumble.

By preacherpollard

preacher, Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky

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