Snapshots of the Suffering Servant

Neal Pollard

Snapshots serve a fascinating purpose, to show moments of time from the unique perspective of the one taking the pictures.  No more graphic Old Testament pictures are revealed than those found in Isaiah 53.  How many have chosen this passage to read while reflecting on Christ’s great sacrifice during the Lord’s Supper?  Have you ever began your reading further up, at the end of Isaiah 52?  Here are some powerful, additional snapshots of the suffering servant.  In these few verses, there are compelling snapshots of the Savior.

  • He would be wise–“behold My Servant shall deal prudently”
  • He would be royal–“exalted and extolled and be very high”
  • He would be enigmatic–“Many were astonished at [Him]”
  • He would be brutalized–“His visage was marred”; “His form more than the sons of men”
  • He would be the atonement–“So shall He sprinkle many nations”

From His ministry and warm reception to His horrendous death, Jesus is depicted as the most unique One.  Only He could do what He did because He is the only One of His kind–all God and all man all at once.  Give thought to beginning your reading at Isaiah 52:13 some time when you are reading the poignant prophesy in the following chapter.  This is simply further reinforcement of the great love God has for us in giving Jesus for our sins!

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