Why Are Your Co-Workers Unhappy?

Neal Pollard

Have you noticed that your co-workers are unhappy?  Maybe there is the guy (or gal) whose lips are loose and who lets you and everyone else know why.  Yet, statistics indicate that a great many workers are unhappy, staying in their current position only because of economic uncertainty and high unemployment rates.

Matthew Wong of Inc.com reports that site’s findings about the source of dissatisfaction.  It is not their co-workers, boss, or amount of vacation time.  It is, in order, “on-the-job stress,” “health benefits,” and “salary.”  The study goes on to say men most want more money and a promotion, while women want reduced and flexible hours. Gen X-ers want a higher job title, but millennials ask for more training.  Asked about what perks they want in addition to basic benefits, they said, “free beverages,” “a tablet or smartphone for personal use,” and “free massages.”  Author and Harvard professor, Teresa Amabile, says, however, that one thing matters to many people more than either benefits and perks, and that is “real job satisfaction” (via infographic on ragan.com).

There is quite a bit to mull over in that release.  Instead of bemoaning the obvious spoiled attitude, materialism, and greed reflected in these answers, consider what at least one expert (and many others besides her) believe make us happier.  That is job satisfaction.

That is more than being thankful for employment.  It means doing something you feel like is making a viable contribution, that is as fulfilling as it is enjoyable. All of us want to feel like we have made a difference in the world during our time in it.

But, whether you are a street sweeper or CEO, a sacker of groceries or supervisor, you can find profound purpose in your “real” profession.  The King James Version refers to the Christian life as a “profession” four times (1 Tim. 6:12; Heb. 3:1; 4:14; 10:23). In each instance, the word used is some form of the Greek word meaning to “say the same thing as another.” But, as used in each verse, the idea is of recognizing ourselves and showing others than Jesus reigns in our lives.  That is a lifelong process, something we carry with us wherever we go–including our job.  We see our occupation as a means to an end.  Our true profession is Christianity.  The perks, promotions, and profit are yet to be realized, but they will be!  Let us ever be faithful in His employ!

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