Only A Step

Neal Pollard

I did not see it live, but was told about it the next day.  In fact, I was shown a YouTube video of it and I could barely stomach it.  It was the jump seen around the world.  Players were swooning. His coach, Rick Pitino, “looked like he had seen a ghost.”  Kevin Ware, in going out to contest a three-point shot, leaped and landed awkwardly.  No, he landed catastrophically!  As he landed, his leg went one way and his shoe went another and the bone split.  The awkward impact was enough to cause the tibia to break through the skin.  It was bad enough that it was the lead story on the national news. It was bad enough that Kevin got a personal phone call from Joe Theismann!

It only took a second or two, one decision, one act to change this young man’s life.  Frankly, he was not the “main attraction” on a Louisville team that appears to be the best in the country, at least not before the injury.  While the prognosis for his ability to recover and play again is optimistic, Ware will never forget the impact of that one step.

Repeatedly, the Bible refers to one’s life as a “walk.”  That walk is made step by step.  Those figurative steps we take impact the remainder of our journey on earth.  Some steps are mundane and routine.  Others are life-changing.

When trying to avoid the jealous wrath of King Saul, David tells Jonathan that there is only a step between himself and death (1 Sam. 20:3).  We sing a church hymn entitled “Only A Step,” which is meant to exhort the non-Christian to see that all it takes is a step–out of the pew and down to the front–to go from lost to saved.  Thereafter, we must carefully consider the steps we take.  We effect our own destiny and that of others, too (cf. Job 34:21; Ps. 119:133; 1 Pet. 2:21).

May we each consider the steps we take and the impact they have.  Our steps may not become a “viral video,” but they are seen by God and by others.  Walk so as to have a happy landing!

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