Neal Pollard

Air, fluid, and similar turbulence are characterized by unpredictability and uncontrolled change. Air turbulence disrupts the flow of the wind. The Mississippi River, when it contacts a tributary like the Ohio River, comes together and the hydraulic propulsion creates violent turbulence at the point where it converges. The water smoothes out and becomes less turbulent as it gets farther from the point where it united. While there are circumstances like flying and boat riding where we come to expect that turbulence is quite possible, it can still catch us off guard and be unpleasant.

For those who are married, think back to your wedding day. The bride was beautiful in her white gown, made-up hair, and that general sparkle and shine that made her seem almost angelic. The groom seemed handsome, strong, and full of vitality. This was the culmination of true love. Life and your outlook on it were bright and sunny. This was the beginning of something wonderful. But, as these two mighty forces converged, turbulence was inevitable. Coming together and being united is not done smoothly and without waves. Two people from different backgrounds, viewpoints, and histories do not automatically make things work out without adjusting to the turbulence.

God did not make us weak people. You cannot collapse and fold when things get rough and choppy. You cannot get off the plane during the turbulence. It is not smart to get out of the boat when the waves and the turbulence are stirred. Your best hope is to stay put and ride out the bumps and bounces. But, oh the reward and blessing of enduring whatever unrest and uproar you encounter in marriage. Think of how pleasant the ride of marriage is, and help make it so! Just do not be a wimp and give up at the first sign of marital turbulence. The unpredictability can be so much a part of the excitement!

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