Just For The Taste Of It!

Neal Pollard


An old soft-drink slogan used the words in the above caption.  The idea was that, despite it being a diet drink, people drank it for the taste.  Whether or not consumers in those days liked the taste of this drink, the slogan was catchy and memorable.

Regarding sin, many have sacrificed their marriages, their parental influence, and their influence just for the taste of it.  It was unfulfilling and brought unanticipated misery, but “in the moment” it seemed worthwhile.  “Forbidden fruit” may taste good going down, but it leaves a bitter after taste.

Some search long and hard for “living water” just for the taste of it.  They have found the road of sin unsatisfying and they are searching.  They long for purpose, peace, and purity.  Thank God for those who, in searching, have found the way.  Many are dying to know Him, and many are dying without having known Him.  Often, those who come to Christ, rather than being raised in the church, seem to find that “water” tastes sweeter.  They knew the feeling of spiritual thirst and the satisfaction of having it slaked.

Some study God’s word just for the taste of it.  David said, “How sweet are Your words to my taste!” (Ps. 119:103).  Can some of His Word be “hard to swallow”?  Absolutely!  But, His word does us good (Micah 2:7).

Some trust in God’s goodness just for the taste of it.  Again, in the Psalms, we read, “O taste and see that the Lord is good” (34:8).  How many of us have repeatedly experienced God’s deliverance, even when such seemed unlikely?  His providential care is something tangible, its evidence strewn before our pathway if we will look carefully.

For what do you have a taste?  Is it for something wholesome and healthy, or is it for that which is harmful to you?  Make all your pursuits and actions tasteful!

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