Neal Pollard

The caption above is also the title of a song our family listened to on a vinyl record when I was a boy.  While I enjoyed the melody of that spiritual song, I suppose I may have not dwelled much on the message.  There are some parables in Matthew 13 that may have been the inspiration for the lyrics.

THERE IS THE LITTLE SEED (31-32).  The mustard seed produces a gigantic herb that is virtually tree-like.  That’s the power of Christ’s kingdom.

THERE IS THE LITTLE LEAVEN (33).  Just a little yeast and yet it thoroughly permeates.  That’s like the kingdom of heaven.

THERE IS THE LITTLE PARCEL (44).  Compared to all that he had, one little field wherein the prospector’s treasure was hidden was little.  That’s how great the value of the kingdom is.

THERE IS THE LITTLE PEARL (45-46).  Hold even a huge pearl in your hand, and it fits there.  It’s small.  Yet, the merchant Jesus mentions sells all he has to buy it.  That’s the huge value of the kingdom.

God can do great things through the church, though we do not have the greatest numbers, voice, or power.  God owns His kingdom and it transcends all earth might throw against it.  Do not discount how big the little part you play can be!

By preacherpollard

preacher, Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky


It’s amazing how much God can do with only just a small amount of anything just imagine what He could do with our lives if only we would turn it over to Him. Great job keep it up and all of us we blessed.

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