Can We Connect The Dots?

Neal Pollard

Making religion something only in the building.  Looking to godless theories to explain our origin and existence.  Exalting humanism as the preferred worldview.  Glamorizing sexual immorality, greed, grotesque selfishness and vanity, power, violence, and all manner of fleshly desires.  Mocking God and religion.  Voting and legalizing what the Bible calls sin and ungodliness.  Favoring isolation over socialization.  Searching for hope only in this realm, ignoring eternity.  Ever bolder agnosticism and atheism.  Retreating biblical conviction.  Erasing lines of black and white in morality and truth.  Scoffing away the idea of absolute truth.  Avoiding the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Looking in all the wrong places for answers to the question, “Why?”  Families no longer dedicated to the ideals of marriage, parenthood, and faith.  Escalating division, hostility, fear, suspicion, prejudice, and hate.  Looking to substances and temporary diversions to escape the ultimate realities.  Living as a law unto ourselves rather than humbly submitting to the One who created and redeemed us.  Perhaps we do not want to see how all these things are connected, but if we fail to open our eyes we will miss the clearest wake up call a people could ever be given.

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