Neal and Brenda Pollard
Wilma was my mom’s best friend. She was the Maid of Honor at my parents’ wedding.  One Sunday morning there in Leland, Mississippi, when they came into the auditorium from Bible class, the two front rows on the left where they usually sat was full.  Mom and Wilma sat in the back behind Wilma’s uncle. He was in his mid-40s, had a large family, was a good family man, and was always a faithful church attender.
The preacher presented a very stirring lesson on salvation that morning.  Mom thought sure that Wilma and her uncle would respond to be baptized.  Wilma was a very intelligent young lady who knew the Bible through and through. As they sand the invitation, mom silently prayed. She saw Mr. Smiley holding onto the bench until his knuckles turned white. Ultimately, the moment passed. After the closing prayer, Wilma told mom, “I thought my uncle would respond. I was going to respond if he did.”
About 3:00 P.M. that same afternoon, Mr. Smiley was changing a flat tire.  He had a fatal heart attack.  Wilma never accepted the Lord’s invitation.  She married a man from a denomination, and she likely still embraces what her husband is.
We can give so many excuses for putting off the decision to become a Christian–fear, guilt, business, family, fun.  But, we can delay too long.  Have we given thought to how our delay may not only effect our own soul, but the souls of those we know and love?  Is someone watching you, waiting for you to make the great decision?  If you need to respond to the invitation, do it for yourself.  But, do it also for those who would be guided by you!

One thought on “THE COST OF DELAY

  1. I think the unwillingness to acknowledge that a family member who died lost will keep many from obeying the Gospel. I’ve seen it in my own family, and it is very sad when I know certain know better, but won’t respond to the Lord’s mercy. I think the Lord looks on it as a form of denial and irresponsibility. But, we have a responsibility to the truth; to know it and to live by it regardless of others.

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