Neal Pollard

A little child with eyes so bright,
Looks to a big day coming.
Dreams big dreams with star-filled sight,
Can you hear the joyous humming?
Too often, the big event falls flat
Of all the child dared to hope
Or it quickly flies by with an eyelash’s bat
And with letdowns the li’l one must cope.

The grown-up marks the calendar
And scrimps and saves and researches
Counts down the days in wistful surrender,
As the dream vacation lurches.
But however fun and memorable,
It cannot last forever!
The memories may be quite durable,
But it’s soon back to mundane endeavors.

The worker plans for the big day,
When is punched the last time card
When leisure, travel, and general play
Can follow a career worked so hard.
But creeping age and health declines
Rubs some glitter off that gold
The end of life, however fine,
Reminds us that our tents we will fold.

The Christian’s hope from moment one,
That lives within the breast…
Does not disappoint with setting of sun,
It grows with each trial and test.
Let hurt or heartache or death impose,
Let age and sorrow disjoint,
We will go to the field of the fadeless rose,
Where hope does not disappoint!

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