Neal Pollard

  • Are willing to lead you to do what’s right and biblical, even if unpopular and uncomfortable.
  • Want the Bible classrooms and pulpit to stay on biblical center, veering neither to the left or right (cf. Josh. 1:7)–regardless of what the churches down the street do.
  • Are kind and friendly, even if at times without polish or oratorical articulation.
  • Expect the best from you, but ask you to do nothing they themselves are not doing (1 Pet. 5:3).
  • Are among you rather than above you or aloof from you (1 Pet. 5:1).
  • Obviously love you, even if they occasionally have to correct or admonish you (1 Th. 5:12).
  • Prioritize the work with spiritual objectives taking precedence over material objectives and with evangelistic goals over an internal focus.
  • Ask the church to do for others rather than try to cater to our whims and desires (Heb. 13:17).
  • Are impartial rather than prejudiced or cliquish.
  • Are driven by “what does the Bible say” rather than “what do the people want?” (Acts 20:28).
  • Stand behind and commend even difficult lessons that move us to obey God.
  • Show commitment to their task through time, effort, and zeal rather than being those who go through the motions (Heb. 13:7).

For these and many more reasons, I am thankful for the Bear Valley eldership!  They are numbered among the “all” who sin and fall short of God’s glory (Rom. 3:23).  They each have strengths and weaknesses.  Yet, these are men so driven by God’s will and God’s Word, and I am thankful to preach and attend under the oversight and authority of such men.  My heart aches for those who are not afforded such a pleasure, and it thrills for those who do.  Have you thanked God for your elders today?  Have you thanked your elders (1 Th. 5:13)?  They do not serve for recognition or accolades, but they just as surely will not rebuff your appreciation!  May we be grateful sheep!

L-R: Thom Vaught, Scott Balbin, Mike Ripperton, Dean Murphy, Donnie Bates, Dave Chamberlin (the shepherds of the Bear Valley church of Christ, Denver, CO) Photo: May, 2019


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