What Will “Red Rover” Send Over?

Neal Pollard

Earlier this week, NASA’s rover, “Curiosity,” landed on Mars and immediately began transmitting photos of the planet surface back to earth.  Scientists involved in this expedition are hopeful of finding clues and even evidence of past life on this planet.  Thus marked day one of a two year mission, as the rover will rove the red planet on its quest.  It weighs a ton and is the largest, most complex “mobile laboratory” ever to land on another planet.  It will scale a three-mile-high mountain over the next several months, seeking signs of life (Robert Lee Hotz, Wall Street Journal, 8/7/12, A1-2).

The Bible gives no creation account for other planets, and it is unfathomable that Curiosity will be satisfied on this mission.  What is so interesting is the great lengths men are willing to go to pursue life (Martian life, no less) on another planet, but will resist and reject the only life that counts on this one.  We know that God sent His Son to this planet to die for sinners, which is all of us (Rom. 3:23; 5:8).  Jesus came here that we may be able to go to heaven in what will be the greatest expedition of all time and eternity.  But, we must have hearts, heads, and hands open to what God offers.

Great expense, time, technology, effort, and knowledge went into this latest expedition, one that will undoubtedly prove futile.  Tragically, the majority suffers a total lack of curiosity about pursuing the life in Christ.  It is freely, universally available.  God left a Book describing what it takes to have “life indeed” (cf. 1 Tim. 6:19).  He brought the answers to us!  But, He leaves it to us to pursue it.

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