Neal Pollard

“What should I call you?” I’m often asked

With such a dilemma I find I am tasked

In such a moment it is harder to teach

If that good person I hope to reach.

I tell them, “Just call me by my first name,

No need for a title, if it’s just the same.”

But if in a position on this to be a teacher,

Here’s what I say they should call the preacher.

“Preacher, evangelist, and also minister,”

Much more than that and it can get sinister.

“Pastor,” not applicable if as an elder not serving,

To wear that as title the preacher’s undeserving.

“Reverend” is a name the Bible reserves for God

So that’s really a path that no man should e’er trod.

“Father?” well Jesus has weighed in on this,

Call no man that, religiously. That name we dismiss.

“Bishop,” like pastor, refers to another role,

Avoiding that as title for preacher’s is the goal.

Titles, in general, I find unnecessary,

They help not my work, even to the contrary,

Set me up, elevate me, give me undue glory,

So instead of rambling, let me sum up this story,

A preacher’s work and his life is a blessing,

He needs no high titles or moniker window dressing.

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