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Neal Pollard

It is difficult to believe, based on media portrayals and activist organizations, that the percentage of homosexuals in America is only 3.5%.  I asked my two younger sons what they would guess, and one said 20% and the other said 30%.  Popular thinking reflects their estimate.  We are so bombarded by the message that the homosexual lifestyle is prevalent.  Gary Gates, “demographer-in-residence” at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at U.C.L.A., giving an educated guess based on five different studies, says 1.7 percent of Americans over 18 admit to being homosexual while another 1.8 percent say they are bisexual (David Crary and Terry Tang, via Huffington Post, 4/7/11).

Brett and I have clearly taught what the Bible says about homosexuality, that while God loves sinners He hates sin, that homosexuality is sin, and that we must teach against it.  However, consider this fact.  Activists and advocates in that community have done the job of spreading their, howbeit perverse, message.  They have worked long and tenaciously to legitimize and normalize homosexuality.  Consider their success.  It has long since been removed from the American Psychological Association’s classification as mental illness.  “Gay” TV characters are virtual heros and heroines.  There is a constant push to legalize homosexual marriages.  There is wide acceptance and great reservation to condemn in the public forum.

What can we learn from this vocal minority?  They are single-minded in their message.  They refuse to give up, regardless of opposition.  They have been willing to endure ostracism and ridicule in pursuit of their cause.  They are passionate.

In the spiritual, eternal sense, they represent a losing cause.  Sins for which people do not repent bring spiritual death (Rom. 6:23).  Yet, what about those of us who are to represent the only ultimate winning cause?  New Testament Christianity comprises a very small minority of even the religious world.  Are we vocal?  Are we focused on our message?  Are we unwilling to surrender?  Are we willing to suffer persecution? Are we passionate about the salvation message?  In these specific regards, may we have the boldness to pursue lost souls like these pursue their unrighteous goals.  Heaven and earth will be blessed to the extent we do so.

2 thoughts on “3.5%

  1. When I pray in public, I often pray for courage and boldness. I desire all those of the congregation to have the courage and the boldness to take a stand. Speak loud and often. I believe we are in this mess because we, the people of faith have been silent far to long. This small minority has out spoken us, they are very close to getting what they want. I believe scripture has promised us persecution, may we be loyal and true and embrace this persecution with all faithfulness. Jesus said, you are either with me or against me. Silence says a lot.

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