Neal Pollard

  • In our giving–not grudgingly, stingily, just the leftovers and the afterthoughts; sacrifice.
  • In our living–be a light, be salt, make a difference for Christ in the world each day. Know that morality and example matter.
  • In our attending–not just Sunday morning or if nothing else is going on; come evenings and during special events like lectureships, seminars, and gospel meetings.
  • In our serving–whether in the sunlight or the shade, white-collar or blue-collar tasks, whether thanked or thankless the task.
  • In our praying–unselfishly, faithfully, constantly, praising and thanking along with the requesting.
  • In our speaking–take courage, keep it pure and wholesome, unite with your words.
  • In our loving–sincerely, fervently, without favor, following the example of Christ.
  • In our forgiving–from the heart, permanently, without digging it back up, humbly.
  • In our studying–dig, use word-study tools, pen and paper, perspiration, zeal.
  • In our evangelizing–pray about it, work up the nerve, and do it, consistently.
  • In our leading–be it elders and the church, parents and children, saints and sinners. 
  • In our teaching–pray, prepare, and present with passion; avoid laziness and volunteer
  • In our feeling–be joyful, be positive even in discouraging circumstances, be gentle always.
  • In our uniting-lead others to come together in Christ; avoid and discourage cliques, build up His body, remember it is His (Eph. 4:16).
  • In our worshipingput your heart in it; be enthusiastic; pay attention; yearn to co-participate with other saints in glorifying God wholeheartedly


He is the Great I Am.  He gave the most precious gift.  He loves us infinitely more than anyone else.  He will ultimately judge us. He is Awesome and worthy!  He is the source of every spiritual blessing.  He will never forsake us or leave us. He is the giver of every good and perfect gift.  He deserves our best!

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