Oh, If We Miss It!

Neal Pollard
I was out with the early rays of sunlight
Roaming the hills and dales
Seeing verdant fields and purple skies
And small animals scurry o’er vales
The clouds moved across the heavenly background
Painting a trail of delight
The cool Spring breeze made a soft, wistful sound
As the water rushed by, enveloping the sight
The hues and the noise of the morning
The feel of the air on the skin
Upon my soul was richly adorning
What a way for my day to begin.
I might have missed these blessings
If in seclusion I had kept myself pinned
But by being outside I remembered the joy it brings
And I thanked Him for being my Friend.
How life is like earth’s stunning daybreak
We might shut ourselves in from His grace
And miss the spiritual blessings, what heartache
To be blind and deaf to our exalted place.
Break out of the darkness of spiritual night,
See the Dayspring and cling to His hand.
Awake to the wonders of spiritual sight
Train your eyes on that bright, better Land!

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