Neal Pollard

We live in a time of unparalleled excitement when it comes to how fast words travel.  The internet, though a reservoir of danger and evil, is also the fastest conduit for spreading God’s Word we have ever known.  Consider blogs, like this one. Not only is every “hit” on my blog counted by WordPress, they are now able to tell me what country each reader calls home.  In the last 30 days, my articles have been read by people from such places as Lebanon, Pakistan, North Korea, Argentina, Serbia, Malta, Finland, Iceland, and Indonesia.  In fact, in addition to the United States, people from nearly 60 nations have read the blog.  That is humbling and frightening, in the light of James 3:1.  Please pray that I may always accurately handle God’s truth and teach it correctly!

But, this also points up something exciting for all of us as we think about each of our lives.  In most activities or actions we undertake, there is not a “counter” or “meter” that measures how many lives we effect.  Whether it is our example or a kind word or deed, whether it is an effort, however feeble or valiant, to teach someone the truth, or whether it is someone in whose life we invest, we cannot know the full impact we are having upon them and those whose lives they subsequently touch.  Certainly, the opposite of that is also true.  A bad example or deed that undermines Christ’s cause can have far-reaching, rippling effects, too.  Yet, think about the power that is in your hand.

Imagine walking the street of gold and meeting people who are there, in part, because of something you said or did!  Given the leavening effect of our lives, I believe we will be surprised at how many lives we touched for the good.  Keep that in mind as you leave your footprints on this day!


  1. salisburyfarms

    How exciting to know who is reading your blogs and how many souls are being reached! As you said, let’s keep that in mind throughout our days and pray that we do touch lives for good!

  2. Bill Naylor

    It is amazing how many folks that I am friends with on facebook. I think that I have friends from every continent except Australia. Keep up your good work, Neal.

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