What Does It Cost You?








Neal Pollard

Several years ago, a certain group of teenagers wanted to “raise awareness” about the plight of the homeless.  They decided that for a week they would live like homeless people live.  But, the activity was postponed…due to weather!  Isn’t that ironic? They said they wanted to live like the homeless, but don’t the homeless get rained on when it rains?

Most of us are real bargain hunters.  As gas prices go up and talk of general economic uncertainty, we all do well to think about how much things cost.  As good stewards of our finances, we never want to be wasteful!

In the spiritual realm, we are faced with a price to pay in order to become a Christian and then in living the Christian life.  Luke 14:26-35 is devoted to this idea.  Jesus teaches that there is a cost in terms of our earthly relationships (26).  There is a cost in terms of personal sacrifices (27). There is a cost in terms of our moral and spiritual endurance (28-32).  There is a cost in terms of our financial resources (33). There is a cost in terms of spiritual choices and examples (34-35).  You cannot become a Christian until you count the cost and make the decision to obey God rather than men (cf. Acts 5:29).  So many choose family, comfort, compromise, material things, or conformation over the One who gave everything for them.

In what shape is your spiritual life? One way to measure that is by asking, “What does it cost me?”  What does it cost me in terms of time?  What does it cost me occupationally?  What does it cost me in relationships? What does it cost me in fleshly desires?  If we will live a faithful Christian life, we must be prepared to do so when it is sunny and mild but also when it is cold and stormy!  Christian living isn’t a temporary experiment.  It’s, well, it’s a life!

2 thoughts on “What Does It Cost You?

  1. Julia Tucker

    More thoughts and appropriate scriptures to bring us out of the world’s reality, and to the realm that really matters, Amazing that you use that reality that exists out there for the word pictures, You are truly gifted with an ability to touch hearts. Thanks for your time and thoughtfulness.

  2. Tony Miller

    These are great bulletin thoughts. I enjoy reading your entries very much. Hope you guys are well. Keep the Faith!

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