Chicken Wings

Tony Johnson

At work one day we were having a potluck and one of guys had
brought his special recipe hot wings. His special recipe was to blend
the habanero chili peppers into a paste, mix it into a little Tabasco
sauce, and bake it into the chicken wings.

Before we got ready to eat this guy called one of his buddies over
saying “You’ve got to try my hot wings and tell me what you think!”
So his buddy went over, grabbed a wing. Stuck the whole thing in his
mouth and got about half way through pulling the bone out when the
realization that his mouth was on fire hit him.

Anyway, after lots of water and stuffing anything other than those
chicken wings into his mouth to try and put out the fire, he dried the
tears in his eyes and finally got himself composed. Then you know
what he did? He went looking for someone else to offer a chicken
wing to!

After the first couple of guys were fooled into eating one of these
chicken wings with the same predictable results, enough people had
gathered so that they weren’t going to be able to fool anyone else.
But then the strangest thing happened.

Guys who had seen the results of the first couple of guys went and
tried the wings for themselves! They were a little more cautious, not
sticking the whole thing in their mouths, but kind of nibbling around
the edges, but the results were still pretty much the same. And it
went on until all the chicken wings were gone!

So you might think the moral of this story is “guys are stupid”, and
given the facts, I would have a hard time arguing with you. But as all
this was going on I started thinking how what was happening was just
like the way sin spreads.

► It seemed to me that the one who made the sauce and knew how
hot it was and what would probably happen, but still called out to
his friend “Come on and try my chicken wings!” – He is like the false
prophet seeking to mislead.

Matthew 24:11,12 says “Many false prophets will arise and will
mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s
love will grow cold.”

There are many people who will mislead you if you let them.

► The one who tried them, and burned his mouth, but still called
out to his buddy to come and try them to – He is like the one who
has fallen, and rather than pick himself up and put up warning signs
to keep others from the same fate, he calls out to see if he can get
others to join him in his misery.

Proverbs 4:16 says there are some people who … cannot sleep
unless they do evil; and they are robbed of sleep unless they make
someone stumble.

► And what about the ones who saw what was going on, but just
had to try it for themselves? They are the ones who blindly follow the
masses, even when they know they are going to suffer.

Most of the religious word is just following along whatever is
comfortable or convenient! And the result? Matthew 7:13 says that
“… the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction,
and there are many who enter through it.”

On that particular day I was one of the few who didn’t eat the chicken
wings. But in my life, in the things that truly matter, that hasn’t always
been the case. What about you?

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