Don’t Take A Dog By The Ears

Neal Pollard

I was shocked to hear this morning that local NBC morning news anchor, Kyle Dyer, was bitten on the lip by an Argentine Mastiff in a “feel good story” about the dog, who was rescued by a local fireman from a frozen pond in Lakewood.  The segment was a reunion between the dog and its owner and the rescuer.  The dog showed no signs of aggression, but Dyer leaned in way too close as if to kiss or snuggle with “Gladiator Maximus.”  Though certainly showing that she is a dog lover, Dyer would no doubt, in hindsight, have done things differently.  Considering the size, the breed, and even the trauma through which the dog had just undergone, this was not a wise move.  Dyer had reconstructive surgery and may be off the job for as much as a month.

In Proverbs 26:17, the writer says, “Like one who takes a dog by the ears is he who passes by and meddles with strife not belonging to him.”  The inspired writer is referring to one “sticking his nose” in someone else’s “business.”  I have not ever taken a dog by the ears, but when I was four I tried to throw a house cat into a 50 gallon barrel on our carport.  The insides of my forearms did not fare well, as I bore skid marks from biceps to wrists.  That cat was minding its own business when I foolishly made it (the cat) my own.

Maybe you have never been so foolish with a dog or cat, but have you ever made someone else’s business your own?  It could have been unsolicited advice, taking sides in a conflict between two parties, being a busybody, or the like.  Avoid such a habit!  Sooner or later, you will receive a painful lesson that might hurt badly!  Your interference may hurt others, but you may will inevitably injure yourself–your feelings, reputation, or even character.  Maybe, meddlers should get a sign that reminds them, “Beware of the dog.”  Save yourself!  Let others’ business be just that.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Take A Dog By The Ears

  1. I had a dog training class one time and one of the dogs that they used was this breed. One big characteristic that this breed has is the way it holds its mouth before it bits which includes no signs of aggression! When I was watching the video I knew exactly what was going to happen because I saw how he was holding his mouth. Just because something shows nothing that we would consider “visible” outward signs of aggression, that doesn’t mean there’s not something that wil give it away to the trained eye (Matthew 7:15). I really hate it for the woman.

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