Where Is Friday, Samoa?

Neal Pollard

Singapore’s “Straits Time” reports that Samoa’s parliament announced they were switching time zones so that it lies west of the international date line.  That island nation’s government makes this decision to get on the same time zone as its major trading partner, Australia. Currently, the dateline runs just west of the main island, making them 11 hours behind GMT and one of the last places to see the end of each day.  Incidentally, 767 residents were born and 43 resident couples were married on December 30th.  What are they going to do?  Next year, they will have a December 30th, but this one is being stolen from them.  Samoa will go from 11:59 PM on Thursday to 12:00 AM on Saturday morning.  That day will be lost!

I don’t blame whatever percentage of the nation’s 200,000 people that will feel gipped of an entire day!  However, we do that to ourselves in much smaller increments all the time.  It is so easy to squander the precious, limited commodity we call time.  We may not rob ourselves of entire days, but we may do so with our minutes and hours.  We’ve heard the adage, “Time.  That’s the stuff life is made of.”  Yet, how many opportunities do we allow to go by the boards?  Some spend much time in chat rooms, online discussion groups, or even Face Book rants.  Time flies and lost souls have not been evangelized, sick have not been visited, lonely have not been tangibly encouraged, and on we could go!  Entire days get lost this way!  Web surfers do the same thing to themselves, as do those who while away their time glued to the TV or their computer screens in idle pursuits.

Stewardship refers to managing our God-given resources.  Time is a fixed, finite, inflexible commodity from God to us.  How are we using God’s golden moments?


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