In The Beginning? God!

Neal Pollard

Origins intrigue many of us.  We want to know who, how, and where.  Did you know that Chevron Oil Company began in the remote Pico Canyon area of the Santa Susana Mountains of California in 1876 when driller Alex Mentry struck “black gold”?  American baseball came from the English game of rounders, with the modern baseball diamond and formalized rules of the game rendered by Alexander Cartwright in the 1840s.  The Chinese, around 900 B.C. during the Tang Dynasty, are said to have invented gunpowder by mixing saltpeter with sulfur and carbon.  The Mayans, developers of astrology, calendars, and hieroglyphics, are thought to have originated as a civilization about 2600 B.C. in the Yucatan.

Think of the impact Chevron, American baseball, gunpowder, and Mayan civilization have had upon the world, socially, economically, and nationally.  Yet, they all emerged from existent materials, ideas, and manpower.  Each of these randomly selected examples can be given because of the beginning of beginnings.

Genesis one and two introduce mankind to the Uncaused Cause of everything.  Every inch of soil and all resources buried beneath it, every space, place, creature, and particle of matter came from His willing act of Creation.  Yet, who He is one only glimpses here.  The rest of Genesis and the next sixty-five books are needed to produce a clearer picture of the God whose work in creating our world is recorded here.  Still, the power-packed information about these six days of creation lays the groundwork for everything else, socially, scientifically, physically, and especially spiritually.

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