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Neal Pollard

That part of each man crafted by God

but unseen by mortal observation,

The figurative place of our emotions and thinking,

helping our spiritual station.

A place we alone can nurture and tend,

to work to better or embitter

That directs our whole body and life on a path

That makes us a winner or quitter.

God put in place ways to help our own hearts

stay in tune with His perfect intentions.

To mold us and make us like Him in our thinking,

to stave off man’s wicked inventions.

The Bible, as His mind, He has given to mankind,

a heart monitor as well as a mirror.

It gauges our true selves and guides our footsteps,

if used it will make His will dearer.

He has given us singing, a wide world of nature,

and people as living examples,

So much that exists we can see and by seeing

can resist Satan’s slick sinful samples.

Yes, true, human hearts can be darkened and hardened,

becoming a frightful container.

That holds in the worst, the depraved, and perverted,

that becomes such a wicked retainer.

But such is the work of neglect and of lust,

a struggle that fights a higher objective.

For when in human hearts there’s willing submission,

they become more spiritually selective.

So spiritual battles are lost or they’re won

In a place where no other can see,

Keep your heart, you alone with heavenly help

Will determine your soul’s eternity.

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