Neal Pollard

When Paul talks to Titus about salvation, it is no surprise that he deals with the work of Christ.  He gave Himself for us.  This so firmly implies the cross that one who has cursory knowledge of the New Testament knows what Paul means.  There are four beautiful qualities of God’s grace revealed by Paul here.

GOD’S GRACE IS EVIDENT (11).  It has appeared to all men.  Through the Bible, people of every land and language have heard the message of grace!  It is an unprejudiced, impartial gift, in that it is for all men!

GOD’S GRACE IS EDUCATIONAL (12).  Grace is not cheap!  It has a definite purpose, to teach us!  What it teaches us is sacrifice and self-denial.  To enjoy the benefits of grace, I must deny sin and live righteously.  I cannot go my own way, doing my own thing.  Grace teaches me differently.

GOD’S GRACE IS EXPECTANT (13).  That is its effect upon me.  G.W. Knight writes that “our expectant waiting for the blessed hope is spoken of as the appearing of ‘our Savior'” (The Pastoral Epistles, 326).  What He did at the cross leads us to look ahead to what He is going to do at the second coming.  I am looking for the fruition of grace, the future impact of grace upon my soul!

GOD’S GRACE IS EMANCIPATING (14).  It redeems us, meaning it set us free and paid the ransom for our captivity to sin.  It purifies us, meaning we are free from the stain and filth of sin.  Appreciating this wonderful freedom, we will be His and His workers in this world!  We are freed to serve Him, but what wonderful freedom!

God’s grace is sufficient because He is the one offering it.  It is so wonderful, but it does so much for our good.  It should move us to give ourselves totally to His service!  Thank God for His grace.

2 thoughts on “THE GRACE OF GOD

  1. What a wonderful outline. I have preached this text before, but will, um, “borrow” this outline to preach it again.

    I love preaching on God’s grace, and your thoughts here are a helpful reminder of the truth about this wonderful–and unfathomable–topic!

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