“1796 Nov 23 O fatal day”

“1796 Nov 23 O fatal day”


Neal Pollard

Those few words were written, “evidently scratched with a diamond ring, one of the tiny window panes” of a quaint abode called “Audrey’s House” in Williamsburg, Virginia (Lee, 78-79).  At the time of the inscription, the house was owned by Miss Mary Johnston.  Records of the time reveal no catastrophe or newsworthy event in that colonial community, leaving researchers to believe “the tragedy must have been one of the heart–a personal incident and not one of public significance” (ibid.).

Many of us carry dates around in our hearts.  The dates may not coincide with any national or global holidays or occurrences.  Even if they do, the date may derive its meaning with us for a personal reason unconnected with the larger significance.  It may be a day you remember because of something bad or harmful you did.  It may be a day you lost someone dear to you.  Somehow, our darkest days remain in our personal halls of remembrance.

There are other dates that we recall with perfect clarity, dates still personal but recalled with fondness–the day we met or married our mate, the days our children were born, or the day we became a Christian.  We cherish these days and some of them we observe with gifts and parties.  Certainly, we would call none of these “fatal,” but they may be etched within us all the same.

What days stick out in your mind?  Are you letting the “dark days” cast a cloud over your present, keeping you from serving the Lord like you should?  Are you a prisoner of the unpleasant part of your past?  Why not break with the past, forgiven sins, and focus on the spiritual road ahead of you?  Trust in the power of God to give what is needed, whether forgiveness, healing, strength, or assurance.  Erase those etched in memories that prevent your service to Christ, and seek His help to overcome your tragedies of the heart!

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