I love the Lord’s Day!  Growing up in the church and in a preaching family, my longest and fondest memories often center around something Sunday.  Not all of them were spiritually-related.  I think of mom’s pot roast and mashed potatoes or visiting with a family from church.  I remember watching football games between services or going out to play in the warmth and sunshine of south Georgia.   But, certainly, many of these great Sunday memories center around the joys of worship and seeing the people of God.  No doubt, I took way too much for granted about those special times, but they remain a treasure I will keep with me until I die.

That specialness that is associated with the first day of the week has deepened and expanded in the nearly 20 years since I began preaching regularly on Sundays.  I remember traveling to Glennville, Jesup, and Brunswick, Georgia, my Senior year, preaching at tiny congregations usually comprised of the elderly.  While a student at Faulkner, I remember going several places, Troy, Bay Minette, Jasper, Millbrook, Mobile, Mountain Home, and others, and preaching to fine, sometimes country, sometimes sophisticated, people.  In the summers, I would travel to small congregations in north Georgia or across the line in North Carolina.  I stockpiled memories of meals, life stories, labors and sacrifices brethren made for the Kingdom, funny experiences, and being encouraged to fill my Sundays with a lifetime of preaching the gospel.

I took the preaching job in Livingston, Alabama, on the first Wednesday of 1992.  Kathy and I married in May and my first Sunday as a full-time preacher was May 31st.  I cannot remember much specifically about that day, but Sunday was the most special day of our week together as newlyweds–starting our own family traditions and building memories with members together.  Then, as sons starting coming along, Sundays grew into special times for all of us.  Through twelve delightful years in Virginia, we amassed an armload of memories that included baptisms, restorations, fellowship, and general joy.  Each day the boys grow older and have long since reached an age where they will remember Sundays in our home and with our church families.  These special Colorado Sundays make me smile and send a warmth into my heart that is equal parts excitement, contentment, gratitude, and awe.  This morning I will enjoy a weekly family reunion, meet new people whose common tie is that they made the decision to come worship God, and enjoy all the mysteries and the anticipated moments this unique day holds.

The primary focus of this day is the honor of worshipping our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, which we get to do with the others made whole through our Savior.  That, alone, is enough to make me love the Lord’s Day.  But, true to His unmatched goodness, God gives us a bountiful basket of other blessings we can pick from and hold onto throughout the rest of the week!  I love the Lord’s Day!!!

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