Dale Pollard

Saul had a bright future full of potential. When we first read of him he’s portrayed as a likable underdog who doesn’t see his own potential. He even stated that he’s just a nobody from the small insignificant tribe of Benjamin (1 Sam. 9.17-21). God anoints him as king and like every anointed king that we read of in the Old Testament, he influenced the nation’s relationship with God. In hindsight, we’re able to see God’s wisdom. A judge who spoke on behalf of God would carry out God’s will. A king would always be more susceptible to various forms of corruption with the great power given to him. No matter how the rulers would live their lives, good or bad, we can learn much. Sadly, Saul is one of those kings who taught us how not to live. Here’s a list of the many spiritual dangers we should avoid today. 

Saul’s Seven Deadly Sins 


  1. The sin of lacking patience – 13.8
  2. The sin of excuse-making – 13.11, 12; 15:15, 20, 24 
  3. The sin of half-hearted service – 15.1-26 
  4. The sin of Glorifying self – 15.12
  5. The sin of fearing men rather than God – 15.15, 24 
  6. The sin of desiring forgiveness from man rather than God – 15.25
  7. The sin of jealousy – 18.6-9 

While there are other mistakes and shortcomings that lead to Saul’s physical and spiritual demise, we can be strengthened by them. His failures serve as warning signs and that’s exactly why they’ve been recorded in the only book God ever wrote. 


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