Thank God For Spiritual Spring!

Thank God For Spiritual Spring!

Neal Pollard

Bound in each blossom and the green of the lawn
Is a message for the whole world to see
Witnessed by each person who beholds the dawn
Or every bush, plant, and flower, each tree

The deer, the rabbits, the birds of the morning
So many testify of its coming
As God brings new life, His gracious performing
Is heard in their songs, sounds, and humming

Nature displays in graphic depiction
How God brings life after death
Look up at His Son and His cruel crucifixion
As He yielded and breathed His last breath

The cold of the tomb could only envelope
God in the flesh for so long
The faithful writers with words develop
How a dirge became a victory song

“He is not here! He is risen!”
The angels their chorus related
His grave was a powerless prison
His disciples would soon be elated!

The good news spread like a blanket of flowers
In the field of men’s hearts full of trust
It still bursts forth in fruitful bowers
That new life can spring up from the dust

Dear friend, you may be in the winter of despair
The icy grip of sin bringing guilt and strife
Believe that the Son can make your skies fair
Defeat death and bringing you new life!

An assortment of flowers from Kathy’s flower and herb garden

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