The Days Ahead, The Death Behind

The Days Ahead, The Death Behind

Neal Pollard

Each year we have a unique chance

To review, remember and revive

And see what ways we can enhance,

Our lives so as to grow and thrive

That means we must with all our heart

Kill off things that weigh down and harm us

To stop bad habits, and then to start

Seeking better things to charm us.

This death we seek is within our minds

Of thoughts and desires unbecoming

Self-talk of defeat that cripples and blinds

Or anything that’s conscience-numbing.

Resolve! That’s the task out before us

Start today, see tomorrow with potential

Who’s against us if our God is for us

Let His Word shine on all that’s essential

This time next year can be better

You can change what’s long been lacking

Let your past be your springboard, not your fetter

There’s no time like now, let’s get cracking! 

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