Thinking Through The Alphabet During The Lord’s Supper

Thinking Through The Alphabet During The Lord’s Supper

Monday’s Column: Neal At The Cross

Neal Pollard

Every Sunday (Acts 20:7), we take time during our worship to “observe the Lord’s Supper” (1 Cor. 11:23-29). What that looks like and what we do during this special time has changed over time and in different cultures. What appears to have been more interactive in the time of the early church is today more individual and introspective. Paul instructed churches like the one in Corinth to correct abuses (1 Cor. 11:17-22; 30-34). God seems concerned that we focus on His Son’s sacrifice for our sins. Examining self seems to indicate looking carefully into the heart (1 Cor. 11:28). 

What we do and how we do it is very personal and subjective (Read More Here). Surely, our mind will turn in both morbid and merry directions during that time. Considering the cross, we will alternate between conviction and celebration. Years ago, Wendell Winkler suggested something practical that can help us keep focus on this “feast” as we worship. He suggested thinking through the alphabet, then gave us a few examples. Every Sunday for decades, I have been building those words in my mind. Each word carries with it related thoughts. They carry my mind back to that fateful day, make me think of my current way of life, and cause me to look ahead to the end. 

Obviously, I do not get very far in my list. I do not always start with “A.” I vary my approach, but this has proven very helpful to my keeping my mind on the Lord during the Lord’s Supper. Those precious moments each week are not to be frivolously and mindlessly spent, but what you do is individual to yourself. But, perhaps this will prove helpful to you. Here is an incomplete list of words I think about during the Lord’s Supper:

A–Abuse, Alone, Anxiety, Atonement, Adversary, Abandoned, Anger, Anointed, Able
B–Battered, Blood, Beaten, Blessings, Brave, Burden, Bruised, Brave, Body
C–Christ, Cruelty, Cowards, Callous, Cursing, Criminals, Caring, Crowd
D–Denial, Disciples, Dread, Death, Devil, Darkness, Doubt
E–Eternity, Evil, Everlasting Life, Everyone, Elect
F–Faults, Faith, Faithful, Factual, Father, Foreknowledge, Flogged, Future
G–Grace, Guilt, Gladness, Gift, Gethsemane, Gloom, Grave
H–Heaven, Hell, Hill, Hope, Heart, Hanging, Hurting, Hours 
I–Iniquity, Injustice, Isaiah 53, Inscription, Irritation, Important, Innocent, Insurrection
J–Joy, Jesus (Man), Justice, Jews, Jealousy, John, Judas
K–Kindness, Knowledge, Kiss, Key, Killed, King
L–Love, Load, Life, Lamb, Lashes, Lifted Up 
M–Master, Mercy, Murder, Myrrh, Mingled, Mary, Mother, Memorial
N–Newness, Nails, Naked, Near (John 19:20)
O–Only Son, Obedient, Open, Offering, Objective, Others
P–Pilate, Peter, Power, Pure, Paschal, Pharisees, Planned
Q–Questions, Quake, Qualms, Quotations, Quest (Luk3 19:10)
R–Rebellion, Railing, Righteous, Romans, Resurrection
S–Spiritual, Shame, Scapegoat And Slain, Seven Sayings, Speechless, Slaughter, Savior
T–Thirsty, Torture, Thankful, Tired, Temple, Trembling, Thieves
U–Unavoidable, Ugly, Unbelievers, Utterance, Ultimate, Upright
V–Vicarious, Victory, Vicious, Vail, Vilified, Vindication, Vulnerable
W–Wood, Woe, Weary, Wail, Wine, Women, Worship
X–Excruciating, Extreme, Expiate, Examine, Execution
Y–Young, Yearning, Yelling, Yield
Z–Zeal, Zenith, Zealots 

4 thoughts on “Thinking Through The Alphabet During The Lord’s Supper

  1. Thank you Neal!!! I do something similar to this, the numbers one through seven. The alphabet will add to those thoughts.

    Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the fall colors and fall weather.

    Eddie Goins

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