Willing To Use Firefighters

Willing To Use Firefighters

Neal Pollard

Patrick Daly, fellow Faulkner alumni and friend, sent me a heartwarming news story from CBS in Huntsville, Alabama.  A terminally ill patient came to a knowledge of the truth and wanted to be baptized.  She contacted the Oliver church of Christ in Rogersville, and the local preacher, David O’Connell, contacted the local fire department seeking assistance to get her to the church building so she could be immersed.  They happily agreed and aided David in getting her to the building and into a member’s pool for baptism.  Doris Chandler, a 74-year-old with stage four pancreatic cancer, was met by 10 firemen and 15 members, who witnessed her burial with Christ.  She knew she faced death and she was willing to go to any lengths necessary to be prepared for eternity (Story Here).

So many meet death with less preparation or warning than our new sister had.  Death may come suddenly, the mind may precede the body, or the figurative heart may be too hardened before physical death comes.  Many others are delaying, putting off the decision they know the Bible says they must make.  They may have excuses or obstacles they deem insurmountable.  

However, the good heart is willing to obey no matter what extremes are necessary.  The eunuch stopped the chariot.  The jailor went at midnight. Saul was blind. The people on Pentecost and many of those after them were in a different religion.  They heard God’s plan of salvation and what did they do?  They “became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which” they were committed (Rom. 6:17).  

Jesus left heaven for earth. God gave His only begotten Son.  First-century believers at times paid with their lives.  What are you willing to do to be prepared?

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