You Won’t Graduate From Our Love (Poem)

Neal Pollard
We heard your voice at your first cries
Were the first to see your vibrant eyes
Held your tiny body, how fragile you were
Like yesterday we remember you sweet and pure
We laughed as you first tottered and walked
And wrote down what you said as you first talked
Marveled at every change and growth
Your wit and humor has always cheered us both
How time took wings and swiftly brought you to now
It’s been only a moment, hasn’t it? We ask “how?”
How has the infant grown into such a fine young man?
Into one who so sincerely follows God’s plan?
Who wants to serve others and share God’s great Word?
Who dreams of foreign fields where many haven’t heard?
Yes, you still bear the vigor and strength of young age
And so much lies before you and this is but one page
But it sends us backward in time for a moment or two
You’ve had 18 years of living, but to us they seem few
Who knows in God’s plan what for you lies ahead?
Just keep His will first as toward your future you tread.
Keep your sweet spirit and tender heart as it is
And continue to keep your strong hand in His
He’ll open the doors and He’ll always provide
As you stay in His Word and in His love abide.
We could not be more proud of your momentous milestone
Or pray more for you as you face your future unknown
As you take your diploma and plot your next move
Whatever you achieve, you’ll never graduate from our love.

(in honor of the graduation of our favorite middle son, James Dale Pollard)

By preacherpollard

preacher, Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, Kentucky

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