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Kathy and I have three wonderful sons—Gary, Dale, and Carl–and two sweet daughters-in-law–Chelsea and Janelle.  We live and work in Kentucky, with the great Lehman Avenue congregation in Bowling Green.  We have a Westipoo named Oliver.

Neal–born in Oxford, Mississippi.  Son of a preacher (Gary, Sr., and Brenda). Formal education: Faulkner University, Freed-Hardeman University, Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver (B.A., M.B.S.). Has preached in gospel meetings, lectureships, and seminars in 26 states and 9 foreign countries.  Author of the book, Rise Up And Build. Currently fills the pulpit for the Lehman Avenue church of Christ, Bowling Green, KY.

Kathy–born in San Diego, California.  Daughter of a preacher (Jim and Joyce Gillaspie).  Formal education: Faulkner University, Bear Valley Bible Institute (A.A., B.B.S.).  Frequently speaks to ladies in ladies days and lectureships (23 states and 4 foreign countries).  Co-founder of “Higher Ground” girls encampment each year, directing it for 7 years.  Author of the book, Return To Me.

Gary III–born in Meridian, Mississippi (1993).  Enjoys composing songs and playing guitar and piano, guns, video games, and woodworking.  Has done mission work in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Thailand.  He worked at Chic-fil-a until August, 2012, when he left to enter Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee.  After a year there, he enrolled in the Bear Valley Bible Institute (where he graduated in 2016). He and his brothers are in an “Indie” band called “Oh Brother.”  They’ve released two albums (find them on iTunes). He married Chelsea Threlfall on January 1, 2016. They have a dog named Bear and live in Bowling Green, where he works for Georgia Pacific and Chelsea works for the Heart And Lungs Center.

Dale–born in Richmond, Virginia (1996).  Enjoys motorcycles, drawing, weightlifting, animals, watching and playing sports, leading singing, and preaching.  Has done mission work in Tanzania and Cambodia.  He worked various jobs from fast-food to outdoor painting and roofing to radon detection before entering ministry full-time. He graduated in May, 2016. After serving as associate minister for the Forrest Park church of Christ in Valdosta, Georgia, he was hired by the Farley church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama, as their minister in the summer of 2018. On October 19, 2019, Dale married Janelle Mabry. Janelle is a nurse and together they labor at Farley. They have two shelter dogs- Bro and Valley.

Carl–born in Mechanicsville, Virginia (1998).  Enjoys guitar, basketball, weightlifting, motorcycles, working with his hands and home improvement projects, cooking, singing with Oh Brother, his family, his truck, and fishing.  Has done mission work in Tanzania and Cambodia.   His first job was building fences and he  worked through his Senior Year at Planet Fitness. He graduated from the Bear Valley Bible Institute in May, 2018, taking the preaching job at the Hebron church of Christ in Grant, Alabama, following that. He has two dogs, taking over the care of our Golden Doodle, Chipper, and adding to the fold with a German Shepherd named Bailee.


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What a beautiful life, what a beautiful family ! It’s so nice to your lives full of service to the Lord. May God bless you, Seana Gentry

Dear brother I want start training men word of God around our community in Bangalore. Will you will help to have your branch office

The Kennon’s are related to Bill Stewart, who works for the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. Mary Jane is Bill’s sister.

I came to your blog on facebook,remember you from Warnerschapel Church of Christ. hope you can come back some time. i am enjoying your blog.

Great blog Neal. So glad to have found it. Weylan Deaver (a close friend) gave me your blog. Don’t know if you remeber me or not but I met you while visiting the Livingston church some 20 years or so ago when you were a young preacher. My wife and I were living in Dripping Springs, Texas at the time and visiting her mother who lived in York, AL. I have kept up with you through the years and all of the wonderful work you have been doing in service to the Lord. Take care and God bless you and your family always.

Great to hear from you, brother. Of course, I remember you. I’ve mentioned you to the Garners, Moores, Wrights, and others through the years. On the “Truth About Worship” DVD I did with Don Blackwell, we recorded the episode about preaching in the Dripping Springs building. Thank you for touching base. Let me know some time where you are living and how things are going. We have been here at Bear Valley for six years this month.

We are now back in Cleveland TN now . This is where my wife and I were converted and baptized back in 1984 at age 33 (I was Catholic, she was Methodist). We moved to Austin TX in 1987 and to Dripping Springs TX in 1991. We moved back to TN (Murfreesboro) in 1996 and then to Cleveland TN in 2004. All job related moves. Anyway things are going well. Hair is a little grayer than before. Good to hear from you again.

Neil, I found your site by accident while looking up preachinghelp app that someone told me about, great to keep up with all the great work you’re doing! God bless,

I had originally been on the schedule to be on the Michigan Bible Lectureship. I had to reschedule due to some unavoidable conflicts. By the time I had that resolved, brother Beals had needed to replace me. So, I may be coming in 2014 or 2015 at this point. Is that near Ann Arbor?

Always enjoy reading your blogs. They are so informative and have great information. Hoping to visit in April next year. Would be great to meet you.

Weylan Deaver posted a sermon I did on The Providence of God and Human Suffering in Biblical Notes a few months ago. I know you are very busy but if you get a chance please listen to it. I would appreciate your feedback on it. Thanks

Any relation to Frank Pollard? He was my family’s pastor when I was first old enough to interact with adults, back in the late 1960’s…


Good day brother,
I’m enjoying your blog very much. This particular one reminds me of the preachers; past and present who help me so much as I grow in the faith. Your family being very prominant in that. May God continue to bless you and family as you labor in His kingdom.
Geraldine Cook

Good day brother,
I’m enjoying your blog as well as watching you and Brother Billy on Getting to Know Your Bible. Brother Lambert reminds me of Brother B. G. Langston in his demeanor and presentation of the simple truth of the gospel. I look forward to the program every evening, Monday thru Friday. May God continue to bless you and your good family as you labor in His kingdom.

Thank you so much for your sound “Book, Chapter and Verse” teaching from God’s Holy Word…! I have a habit of forwarding your thoughts to family and friends at every opportunity. Keep up the Good work of exposing all of us to sound and faithful New Testament doctrine…. Just wondering, have you ever participated in Westhill’s (Corsicana) summer series?

Great blog, Bro. Neal! What time does the TV program “Getting to Know Your Bible” air on Direct TV? We would love to see it! Thank you so much for the great articles!
Judy Lollar

Thank you, Bro. Neal! We found the program. Really great teaching!
I also received your book. It’s great! Thanks to you and your wife for the wonderful work that you do in God’s Kingdom!
Judy Lollar

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