Teenager Follows Up Deceit With Character

Teenager Follows Up Deceit With Character

Neal Pollard

Of course, we do not have all the details, but I doubt that too serious of an investigation forced the 18-year-old Isaac Sprecher into a confession.  Last month, he reeled in a huge striped bass.  It was a state record 31-pound, 8.4 ounce beast.  That is an impressive catch, but it turns out that it was not reeled from the fishing hole he originally claimed it was.  It turns out he lied.

The story took an incredible turn when Isaac contacted the Longmont Times-Call and confessed.  He had not caught the fish at McIntosh Lake, his original claim.  Instead, it came from a pond at the open space park, Pella Crossing, which has catch and release rules.  He wanted a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer to check if his catch was a state record, trophy catch.  So, he drove to McIntosh and claimed to have caught it there.

Whether Isaac’s conscience bothered him or his parents or someone else helped him with it, Isaac ultimately did the right thing.  While claiming that you caught a state-record fish would be a feather in your cap, Sprecher can claim something infinitely more important.  He did wrong, but then he did what he could to make it right.

That lesson is not being taught and is certainly not being learned as often in our culture today.  The concept that you do not cheat, lie, fudge, forge, and manipulate your way to success and recognition has been lost on too many.  All of us make mistakes, but it takes character to own up to it and make it right.  Thanks, Isaac!

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